Distribution policy from the brand owner

Non-refillable Pod e-cigarette/vape pen

Iconic Model: op3, op5, op6, Vmini

The principle of the sales of these lines of products:
Right time! these products are officially and newly launched to the global market.
What makes the product the standout is normally the e-liquid itself, we work with different e-liquid maker to make it adaptable to the flavor of each region. OP-X is the carrier of your pods/e-liquid, and let the profit derives from pod sales is the key, and interests of the distributor/resellers can be protected with a structured sales system granted. We will take care of the production. You take care of marketing and sales.

These models are created exclusively for quality vape-pen out of the thousands of competitors in the market.

To protect the distributor’s long-term profit, we will support
1. Pods to be sold in distributors venue only and always. As the upscale public company, we guaranteed the interests of your product.
2. Marketing support by sales regions.
3. Conditional exclusivity for each sales region.
4. Never do direct-sales of the POD to consumers pertaining to these models.
5. Cbd/e-liquid flavor/style/accessories customization and filling support.
As an ultimate trend, this product will be delivered to the whole world the power of a real vape pen should be.

Classic European box mod AK60

Sales principles:
We created this popular model after years of study and found it extremely popular in uprising European market.
In most of the regions globally, we do not set a threshold for distributors, but do not allow two distributors in the same region.
All distributors will be listed on the www.vapesoul.com website.


The next generation CBD/E-liquid carrier to the whole world.
The round cig-a-like is history, the flat type became trendy, now, we just make it disposable and cheap.
This best for your CBD/ELIQUID.
As again, we think what is inside matters than the carrier, we are the exquisite bottle for your e-liquid, FAVOR will be your perfect option to make your liquid and CBD sellable.
1. CBD/E-LIQUID customization doable.
2. Brand anything you wish but required to keep the small logo “powered by Favor
Please contact Favor@vapesoul.com for these.