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Vapesoul is an innovation in vaping industry and strives to provide customers with the best technology and top quality to ensure the most enjoyable vaping experience as far as possible.
Based our 10 years experience on Electronic cigarette and vaping industry, we have advanced technology and adequate experience. Because of well understanding of customer’s culture and habits, we dare to say we understand you. We could deliver excellent product to you. We are sure that we have a model just made for you. This is also the meaning of Vape Soul. We just deliver the product you expect and you want to you.
Now we have over 28 patents,
16 of which are Utility Model Patent.
12 are Design Patent
Among 16 Utility Model Patent, it includes atomizer coil patent and battery technology  patent , which makes us special and advanced in the market. So we have enough capacity to deliver product to touch your SOUL.
Come to join us, to feel VAPE SOUL and the pleasant sensation of SOUL.
We are always here, Welcome to join us!